Problem with "Clear Database Transactions"

I had to clear the data for the end of the year. For which I used the “Clear Database Transactions” but after a while the system failed with the error which is shown in the picture.


Most likely just as it says, the script timed out.
Have had this a few times on bigger places.
Options are to run again and maybe again, typically it clears out part of data before timing out.
Or using SQL Management Studio to run the clear transactions script directly in SQL studio.

EF default timeout is 30 seconds. If you have a lot of data the script could exceed that timeout.

Open an administrator command prompt on the SQL Server and execute this command:

sqlcmd -S\SQLEXPRESS -i "%userprofile%\Documents\SambaPOS5\Database Tasks\[CBL]Clear Database Transactions.sql" -o out.txt

The command prompt should default to your user profile directory. The out.txt file will have the output from the script and you can look in the file to see if there were any errors. To view the file from the command prompt just type the following: notepad out.txt