Problem with Inventory Tracking


Hello am trying to set up samba POS V5 for my bar however am having some trouble tracking stock;

My set up is like this;

1.I have two departments or rather counters main counter and vip counter

2.I sell the same products in both counters however i need to track the inventory levels for each department separately and therefore i have created two warehouses and attached each warehouse to a department

3.Sometimes transfer stock from counter to the other therefore i have created a stock transfer transaction type under inventory and that works fine as well as the purchase transaction.

4.I have created one menu with categories as well as a recipe for all the products and tagged them to the respective inventory items(i used the create recipe function because the products are the same as the inventory items) however after a sale the stock levels are not updating but they remain the same what could i be missing.

  1. I have two terminals; server which also serves as the main counter terminal and the vip terminal i would like to attach each terminal to a department as well but i cant find that option.

Show screenshots of your recipes, and of the stock reports.



Please show a ticket where you sold that product AFIA also can you show the Inventory Item for it.



i have made a sale for all those products and their inventory items are set the same way as the afia


You have no multiplier set. It has no idea how to deduct inventory. You either need to set a multiplier or you need to set additional units. If you want 1to1 set multiplier to 1 Or leave it at 0 and set additional units.

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Thank you very much for the assistance let me do that


Also leave default cost empty unless the price you pay for that from supplier never changes.


Thanks and just a quick one i have also set each department to pull stock from its own warehouse, when i make a sale from lets say the vip counter will it reduce stock from the vip warehouse automatically or there is any aditional setting i need to do?


Try it and see. I havnt messed with inventory in a while so I do not want to give you false info.

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I have set the multiplier to 1 for all items but still the stock remain unchanges after a sale


You need a transaction unit too.

Long read but this explains it all. Inventory CONSUMPTION: Inventory Items, Products, Recipes, and Order Tags


Can you show your Product portions?


@ATechAsia sorry for the delay sharing the screenshot


i want to believe that i have set the menu products,the recipes and inventory items well but a sale is still not reducing inventory so i definitely must be missing something only that i dont know what it is.i will really apreciate your help.


Did you add the transaction unit and multiplier like I mentioned.


Yes i added them but still no change would you kindly have a look at my database?SAMBA POS CLUB (1.1 MB)


You know it won’t backdate after a change, only going forward will be effected. Just checking


Provided that it will reduce stock after a sale its fine i can forego the past