Problem with printer configuration

Hi, dose everyone used “Star” wifi printer before, recently i change my print with the brand,but its have some problem with printing receipt and ticket, the format very mass and change font size will not reflect in the paper

anyone know how to solve this problem?

Character count is set too high for one…

I usually have 42-48 for 80mm and 32 for 58mm so try something in the region of 40 to start with.

after i change to 40, the formate seem to ok, but the only problem now is auto cut not work from print,and also font size not fellow the system settings.

Are all segments the same length?

Show your template.

Remember to select the code and click the </> on the toolbar to prevent the code being stripped.

That still working under Star emulation. You need to switch to ESC/POS emulation.

PS: Exclamation marks + unreliable cuts means Star Emulation.


I’m using V5 at our 1 restaurant and V4 at our other restaurant.
Now i have a problem with print bill after bill has been settled with the pos thats using V5
its not available to reprint bill.
My visibility state is marked as * as in V4, but doesn’t work.
Can anybody give me some advice?

Cant remember but know logout button needed to be empty to work on closed (propper closed/settled) tickets

You must unlock ticket first to reprint bill if your using default setup. Default print bill locks ticket.