Problem with RDP Connection!

i have tried to establish a connection using the 2x client and i have install the patch and did the changes in regesitry but still i get this error of “the remote coonection could not be found check user name or IP” in 2x.

can anyone help?

Did you enabled Allow Remote Connections setting on windows side?
Did you checked user name or IP is correct or not?

yes i did

only that i dont see allow remote connection check box under win 8.1

but i did check on remote assisstance

RDP is not available in Hone Editions of Windows.

then how do i connect my android to my laptop? any suggesstion my os is win 8.1

What edition is it ?
RTM, Pro ?

Right click My Computer and click Properties.
It should tell you up near the top.
My guess is that since you don’t have Remote Desktop you are running an edition other than Pro. Not all editions of Windows supports Remote Desktop.

thn wht shuld i do

does all system of ms vista and 7 support RDP

You need Win 8.1 Pro or Win 7 Pro.

ok thanks i guest need to change windows

now that i have win 8 pro …i am facing problem for replacing the file termsrv.dll…its say access denied file in use wht shuld i do?
i hv change the o wnership !!!

there is a lot of info in google on how to change ownership for that specified file!!!

It easy, just follow the stpes!!!

1.On Folder Options ENABLE to view all system and hidden files temporary
2.STOP Remote Desktop Service
3.Navigate thru your %windir%\system32 folder
4.BACKUP termsrv.dll via CMD
COPY “%SystemRoot%\System32\termsrv.dll” “%SystemRoot%\System32*.*.bak”
5.Take Ownership on file via CMD
takeown /a /f %SystemRoot%\System32\termsrv.dll
6.Grant administrators Rights on file via CMD
ICACLS %SystemRoot%\System32\termsrv.dll /Grant Administrators:F
7.PATCH (Require administrator rights. Right-click the exe file, select Run as Administrator)


i wasnt asking for how to change rather that which service i need to stop before proceeding

as the instructions state, no service has to be stopped… just follow the instructions and you will be able to replace termsrv.dll


thanks for the update i stopped the remote destktop service under "Services"thn i manage to replace.

now tht i hv establish a connection on my HTC One v for a remote connection to win 8 pro…i get a black screen after few seconds it returns to connection console.

i have checked all my settings…may i know what should i do?