Problems with Adjust Order Prices


I want to program the Buy X Get Free Y Action.

I followed the manual to program it but when I want to add the action. In the Action Type I need to select “Adjust Order Prices” but I don´t see that option in the list.

Any help??

Thank you

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It’s there. What version are you using?



I have the 5.2.3 version.

Is in Spanish but I don´t see any equivalence.

I have already entered all the actions and none shows me the options of the Adjust Order Prices. :frowning:

5.2.3 is a very old version. It may not support that action.

Ok! May be that is the reason. I will try to update to the latest version.

I thought that somewhere I had to register that action

Thank you were much :slight_smile:

You do have to create that action. I can’t remember what version it was introduced but 5.2.3 was released in 2018 I believe. We are on 5.50 now.