Problems with Report and Variable ($1) and Titles


I try to make a simple report with Title/Bold (> OR >>) but then the variable behaves rarely:

Without Title is OK:

With Title not OK:

Thiis with titles like >title, but the same happens with titles like >>title

It is a preview, but I have the same behaviour inside the report section itself.


Looking at your code I would guess that the > and >> are ‘splitting’ the table making the @ declaration unavailable…
As its a hardcoded @ could you not hard code these variables into the report expressions?

Yes I can, but it’s not the first time I have that issue and I haven’t figure it out how that works, some other reports “keep in mind” the variables even with the > or >> titles …

When you use the @ feature and put it before your report title it does some funky things within the report. Pretty much the ONLY time you should use it before the title is if your wanting a variable name for the title but anyother uses throughout the report will not work. TO use it inside your report tags the @ needs to be under the title.

The title I am talking about is the report name example: [Report Name:1,1]

Unfortunately you will not be able to use that feature the way you are trying too. It is not a bug but the way it works.