Product Items images between different terminals and tablets

I m not sure if some body asked this we have

1 server win 2012

3 terminals win 7

5 ipads access the terminals through remote access

when we update the images path on the server it wont show up on the terminals and when we update it on terminals it will dissapear on the server thats due to the path difference

but even if we put it under the samba pos installation Images folder we still having the same issue ?

Do we need to create different menus or clone the main menu and assign it or map it to each terminal to be able to do that ?

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Put it on a networked drive that is shared and can be accessed from every terminal.

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We put all shared images such as the table layout on the main server. Then all terminals access the images through the share directory such as:


Its good to get in this habit so you can also store your updates, data, drivers, etc…