Product list and Inventory Items

In my Product List there is a category called Subs which then has Player, Social Membership, Match Fee and Room Hire which we take money for and goes into the till. Issue is that it also is showing on Inventory Items and in Warehouse. How do you remove this category from inventory.

Surely without a recipe and inventory item such charges would not be in warehouse etc?

Not sure about recipe but the category Subs is in inventory

If you used the “Create Recipes” button in Inventory -> Recipes and select that product group to create inventory items it will auto create inventory items matching the product name.

If there is sales history linked to that inventory item, you will not be able to delete it.

I never set it up it was set up by the supplier Zepos who I found out to be a non Samba supplier and my club has had to pay for the licence to get to where we are know. I have very limited knowledge on how to use the system and try to follow tutorials but find it very difficult as most tutorials are food related and not just bar. I am trying to get what products we sell to be shown in warehouse so we can keep better track of what we have but I am unsure where you start, is it inventory or product and how to get the barrels to then when we sell a pint or half pint it alters in the warehouse and the same with measures of spirits. Any help would be appreciated.

You have inventory items which are mapped to products with recipe, bar with be majority 1:1 recipes.
There is inventory product which are virtual products you can use like templates for reuse of recipe of components, for example a burger patty can be a inventory product with its ingredients in recipe and then that inventory product reused for each burger pos product along with other ingredients for the different types of burgers.

Sorry to keep you hanging; I couldn’t load the forum yesterday.

I see you’ve found Q’s Inventory bible: Inventory CONSUMPTION: Inventory Items, Products, Recipes, and Order Tags . I still review it from time-to-time,

Here’s how I have my drafts setup:

This is the product. I sell just one size: 16oz pint. I could add other portions (20oz, 8oz, etc.) all of which would need their own recipie.

This is the inventory item. Just like the tutorial, the base unit is the unit I sell the guest. When I receive a half-barrel, the system puts 124 pints into inventory. For additional units I have configured three different types of kegs I can receive the beer with the corresponding pints per keg; half-barrel is selected (check mark) as that is the typical size I receive (more on which below).

And finally, the recipe for the beer. It reduces inventory by 1 pint.

Here is receiving a keg in the warehouse. The drop down for unit defaults to half-barrel. I could, of course, select another size.

Here is what the warehouse will show after receiving a half-barrel of amber ale. Of course, we really can’t know for sure how much is left in a keg. But for inventory purposes if I swap-out a keg and inventory shows I still have 50 pints, I’ll know something is up.


I forgot to add, for items I can’t delete I add zzz to the beginning of the name so they’re easily identifiable as not-in-use.