Product not to print?

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if there is a standard way to make a single product not print.

In our case it is for Take Away coffees.

I was thinking that i could possibly edit the print job and send the specific product to a fake printer, but it seems a little hacky.

Any ideas?

You said product but you mean products? Take away coffees sounds like more than 1 product. Go to Print Jobs and look at mapping… you can map it to specific products only. This will cause it to print only those products any product not mapped will not print.

Or you can use Product Groups which is what I recommend.

Actually doesn’t seem hacky it seams unnecessary when you can just exclude the product :stuck_out_tongue:

I would put all the coffee’s you do not want to print into a specific group… THen map all other groups to print except that specific coffee group. This way you do not have to individually list most of your products.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks mate!