Product on ticket in table captions

i want to put products on the table button on entity screen tables, how can i do it, i search for that but cannot find

This will likely cause slow entity screen.
The start reference would obviously be entity so for every entity it would need to search every ticket for that entity and is open and then search every order for any tickets from that.
Why do you want that on entity screen? Running a report would likely be more efficient.

I mean just to see which products are on the table, the code in display format

That will cause a lot of lag. It’s not worth it. The way that screen works every table it will need to query the database for each table.

It doesnt matter just i need that i think my pc doesnt lag

It will also not look right. If you have a lot of products it will have extremely small text to the point you won’t be able to read it. Those buttons do not increase in size with order size.

Yes i understand you, i have one more question how to make every order in raport one by one products with date and time and table

Please look at and the section for reports. It has great detail on how to build reports.