Product out of stock visualisation

still searching for the best way to show the waiter that a product is out of stock.
I have a product tag ‘available’… that works. when waiter pushes the product button, he can’t order.
But in addition to that, I am searching for a simple visual notification that a product is no longer available.
At this moment, i have to change the color of the button;
Is there a simple solution?

{REPORT INVENTORY:<inventory item name>:<warehouse name>} tag added to read specific inventory item’s inventory level. Other than reporting we can use this tag to display inventory level on specific menu item buttons or test specific inventory levels on the fly.

You can use that tag in anything. One popular way to use that tag to display stock level is in an Application Subtitle using the Update Application Subtitle action. Here is an example.

If you want it used as a constraint you can check that tag as a constraint in a rule.

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Use of the tag in the button header field in product settings for menu would likely offer a solution to alter the menu button based on a variable. RichH has done allot with the panel tag in his custom keyboard.

that’s what i need
if i could show the product tag… but how do you do that? @RickH

Here is a better one if you want it to check EVERYTHING.

You can change Show Message to Application Subtitle if you want…

Or you could use Ask Question action


you shouldn’t need the product tag, if you use the report inventory { } kendash showed it directly reads inventory count.

Can you explain why you need to show Product Tag?

Can we use the {REPORT INVENTORY:Skol lata 350:Local Warehouse} in a Menu Product Button as Header?

I tried:

{REPORT INVENTORY:Skol lata 350:Local Warehouse}
[=TN('{REPORT INVENTORY:Skol lata 350:Local Warehouse}')]

Neither worked…



i have solved it with a message :smile: based on the product tag
just have to figure out how all terminals refresh there cash

@Jesse how do I force terminals to refresh there cash, so an update off the database gets through?
i have created an automation command and a rule to fire an action
but ‘refresh cash’ doesn’t seem to work

Can you explain why you want to refresh cache? It helps if we can see the entire flow.

i change the product tag ‘available’ in the database
this displays a message on the server when the waiter uses the product… that works fine :smile:
but the terminals are still using the old product tag information… so i have to clear the cache from the terminals
how do i do that?

Log them out and back on.

hoped there was a better solution :grin:

The inventory report tag kendash showed you is the better solution :stuck_out_tongue:
It will refer to a database value rather than a cashed value of product tag. (at least that’s my understanding)

There is a better solution. What is the reason for preferring Product Tag? I am trying to figure out why you prefer that method… Maybe I missed something.

Im hazarding a guess he isnt using the inventory system just wanting a way to set an item as out of stock.

i don’t have inventory

Ok now that makes sense… might have been useful to mention that. Anyway ill show you a few options give me a few minutes.

Program Setting might be an option as that isnt cashed.
Two orderline buttons of mark out of stock and remove out of stock flag which creates program setting with name like OOS-{ menu item name } and value = OutOfStock for flag as out of stock and and one to delete setting with name like OOS-{ menu item name } for unflag.
Then use a constraint which checks if program setting OOS-{ menu item name } = OutOfStock.

Kendash probably has some cleaner solutions.