Product portion screen question


I think this is a rather basic question but can’t seem to find a solution,

So in current setup when entering products with different portions e.g Drink Sizes, small, medium, large. Upon selecting the Drink it will automatically choose small portion for me, then to change portion to anything else I must select the item then select the portion from the right side of the menu.
How can I change it so upon selecting a item with multiple portions it opens up to that portion selection page, then I can choose correct size without it prematurely adding to the item list.

Not a big deal, but mainly because there are some staff in my business that rush when taking orders and forget to ask customer what portion size and kitchen then makes incorrect size :confused:


Also, another question on same topic.
Still on the drink portion example. Assume that I have different portions for take-away available, but dine-in is only the one size.
Is it possible for the one product to have multiple portions for Takeaway department, then only 1 portion for Dine-in department? How can i show only one portion on the order list

You need to tick Auto Select in the Menu.
Select Manage->Products->Menu List->{your menu}->{Your Category}->Edit Product Properties.

Portions are fixed to the product. You would have to create a new product with new portions to get around this.

You can also set default Portion in Edit Product Properties. Otherwise the first Portion is always used.

I have a similar scenario: in the case of Coffee, I have 1 size for Dine-in which I call Normal, and 3 sizes for Take-away, called Small, Medium, Large.

As @JohnS mentioned, if you don’t choose a Portion in Product Properties, the first Portion will be used, which is why I have Normal listed first.

Product card for Coffee

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