Product Tag Discounts for Sizes

Just hit a problem. In this product tag list, it’s only showing the main item. so, for example, My Shmoos have a small and large price but only “Shmoo” is showing in the list where I enter the VIP adjustments. So where do enter the adjustments for small and large?

good question, ill c/p that into forum

Is there a coding you can put into the Product Tag discount to make it work for different size names?


No. You might need to use Price Definitions instead for implementing different VIP Discount for different Portions. There was a discussion on this a while back…

Here is the discussion:

And then there is something by @pauln that I have not fully looked at - I think the methodology is somewhat more simple than the things I was proposing:

There is still no full Tutorial on this with exact implementation details. I mentioned putting one together, but after the post by @pauln, I assumed the Topic was more or less closed. I let it slide because it was not necessary for my setup, but I know it is doable. Maybe someone can put together a good succinct guide on this.


thanks for that, i did search but couldn’t find…

Will get steve to have a read