Product Tag vs Product Tag Captions (Custom)

Do you need to use custom product tags to use print grouping based on a unique sort order or can you just use the product tag column that exists in the add product option? I tried using:


But it comes out as …


The only reason I ask is because we originally defined custom kitchen tags based Emre’s tutorial, but we only assigned it to kitchen items. We want to create reports based on the product tags, but I haven’t had much luck filtering out the items which don’t have a custom kitchen tag in reports. (MT.Kitchen Grouping=’’) and many other variations doesn’t work.


I just want to make sure we’re using this right, because honestly, one sub product group would be sufficient.


Still trying to understand what the different between these options are. From what I’ve read it sounds like the traditional product tag shown below is the precursor to custom product tags. Couple things I’m still trying to determine:

  1. Is Custom Product Tags (Product Captions), required to use your own sorting in print grouping? This does not appear to work with the original Product Tag option.
  2. Is there any reason to use the original product tag option or should I just define a custom tags going forward? I.E. is custom tag superior?


The both serve purposes… but Custom Product tag lets you setup custom tags. If you want to sort using just the default product tag then use [ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG]

Custom tags let you do the following [ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG:Kitchen Grouping:Egg Sandwich,Turkey Sandwich]

Yes, it was before custom tags i beleive.
I’d just use custom tags, I have at least a dozzen on my system :wink:

Thanks. Sounds like its best to just use Custom Product Tags. We prefer being able to set the grouping order on the print template.