Product Tags dont work unless log out & back in with VIP

I’m sure its probably a ticket refresh or something? just cant get it to work with VIP.

if I scan a card at the end it takes the tag off, if I do it at the start they don’t even appear on the order line?


what? LOL, pretty sure you tried a few different ways with your VIP, what have you ended up with?

I had the problem before. It not my vip system but the VIP and happy hour that uses product tags.

Takes off things if they’re more than 1 bit not if they’re less than.


Have you been to sleep :confounded: am not followingat all, thats just made me even more confused LOL

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Correct I had just woke from a nap. Lol

Let me get my head together

OK, had a coffee and some food.

Here is a few scenarios:

Customer Orders > Membership Card Given > Discounts and Product tags applied

Membership Card Given > Customer Orders >Discounts applied, not product tags… log out, log in, discounts applied.

Customer Orders half > Membership card given > rest of order given > discounts applied on everything including tags, but tags not applied after > log out, log in, discounts applied.

It seems to not apply the Product Tags from the VIP and HH to anything after the card has been swiped.

Hope that makes more sense lol

its like the ticket needs refreshing after every time a product is added

I doubt it, suprised you wouldnt have more likly needed one to refresh the tags applied to the orders already on the ticket…

havent got that set up on the laptop for a bit. Hes happy manually gifting at the mo so ill deal with that Sunday now.

Just trying to work out some constraint sfor something else

init annoying once the whole saga clicks… you just wanna do more and more lol

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