Product Title --> Menu Item Title Updates

It is probably bad prectice to ask such different questions in same thread but since were on such a goo back and forth I wounder if I could drop a couple more questions on you as a ‘pro’

  1. updating product titles and not updating the menu item title? is there an easy way round this.
    I support another place down the road who also use sambapos who are much let tech savey
    as an example the ales they serve are regularly changing but remain the same price, i set them up with
    products - ‘Ale 3.10’, Ale 3.20’, Ale 3.30’ and Ale 3.40’ however they prefer to have the names of the ale for the
    ‘lower staff’ who dont know prices and rely on the till.
    I cant offer to update the names everytime they change.
    They are able enough to get to product list and change there but they are less confident when it comes to
    updating menu items. Also they use Pint and Half Pint as portion options with auto select set so it promts,
    so to update name requires: product update - remove menu item - save and close menu - re-add menu item -
    reorder menu items (they are organised in to group by type under draft catagory) - then change menu item
    properties to reset the ‘autoselect’ option.
    it ends up being a very long winded way to update one item.
    a system the last place i worked acted alightly similar in that plus
    (products) were admined seperate to the menu items/buttons, however all
    you had to do was close the software and reopen and the buttones were
    ‘reloaded’ with the new desctiptions

Would it not just be easier to set them up as different products to start with, then if they get a new ale just create a product, inventort and receipe for it then you always have it and dont have to keep changing descriptikns

that is a good point,
the main issue was the more complicated process of selecting the autoselect option however the muliplier/portion button in the other thread you commented in should solve this issue making it allot simpler to update. :smile:

its not an issue for food only the beers where portions are more hevily used