Production of prep products

hellow, i will like to know if there is any way (as today) to “product” an inventory product from another two inventory products.

And also a method of wastage please.

I have a wastage method but more for bars, you could adapt but would need “products” setup for each ingredient you use in its lowest form eg ml, grams

You can then waste of the exact amount at its cost price so you know what has wasted and deduct from inventory and the cost

I need to update the tutorial as I’ve chanhed it slightly but you get the idea

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The easy option is to amend inventory using end of day records but you can build a system as I have

Thank for the reply, that solves the wastage for products but…what about the wastage of inventory items ? Example I bought 10 kg of tomatoes but when I peel the tomatoes it doesn’t weight 10kg it weights 8 kg and that 2kg of wastage are not always the same it can be 2 kg or 3 kg or 1 kg

to do it the way i do you would need to create a product that isnt part of your live menu and call it tomato waste, where the recipe is setup per gram or kg

if using the wastage setup i have you would add 2x tomato waste product to ticket (if set as 1 unit = 1kg) and waste of using the wastage account

That setup will be quite detailed to setup you could create a whole separate menu for wastage so it is completely different to your main menu, i think most people just use the end of day records to adjust

maybe someone more in the restaurant side can suggest a way they do it?

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