Products with different price depending the category

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In my restaurant I have dishes whose price depends on the category in which they are. For example, the “enchiladas” in the breakfast category have a price, but in the category of fast food they have a different one. The only difference is that the breakfast is accompanied with some side dishes, but in the fast food they come alone.

How can I configure the system so that one dish has 2 prices, depending on the category in which it is located?

Thank you very much for your kindly attention

Price list/definitions.
Like happy hour etc, your example sounds time based anyway


The really simple way is to just create 2 products with different names and prices

Enchiladas - Breakfast

One in your breakfast category with its price and the other in the fast food category with its price

If your tracking inventory you can just setup two receipts for the two different “products”


you can use a portion

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