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Hi Again!
Im trying to make 2 promos. I read similar post, but most of them have instructions for doing it in V4.
I tried to follow them, but in some places i got stuck cause i dont have the option as it says in the guide.

I have 2 scenarios.

  1. If a Customer buy two bottles of wine, the third one is for free. (to take away)
  2. If a Customer buy 3 dozen of “Empanadas”, they take the bottle of wine for free.

In the first scenario the free bottle is the same as the other 2 the customer already bought.
In the sencod scenario, the free bottle is one in particular and the “empanadas” are all in the same category.

I read about order tags, and i guess that this is the best way to do it, but im not sure how can i do it.

Hope someone of you guys can help me!

Best Regards,

V5 has all the options that V4 has.

Which guide(s) did you follow?

Which options are “missing”?

Hi Q,
It was this one.

I read a few more, but i guess this one fits well to my needs, with some tweaks,

I didnt have the “update ticket tag” action.

Thanks for your reply.

Here it is …

Really sorry Q!
I saw Rules selected and i didnt realize that he was creating an action and not a rule.
Thats why i couldnt see it.

Sorry to bother for this. I will follow the tutorial and i will come back with any doubt if i have one.
Do you think this is a good way to do it? or i have to do it in another way?

Thanks again!

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I have not read the Topic, so I would have no idea if it will work for you, nor if it is the “best” way to do “it”.

I was trying for the last 5 hours, but i cant make it.
Can you please, guide me so i can make the 2 scenarios i describe in my first post?
The restaurant opens tomorrow and i dont have much time to continue investigating
I made everything they need except this.
Thanks in advance!


This is something you really need to decide on your own. Perhaps you should just manually gift the extra item until you have more time to build and test a better alternative. Even something we may come up with you should test thoroughly before you put it live. I highly recommend you just use built in Gift button for now manually and train staff for that promotion until you have the time to visit an automation.

What I mean is train staff to know about the promotion and when customer orders it staff adds free item and presses gift to make it 0. This should be temporary until you find a better solution.

If your doing this for another restaurant and they are paying you for it then all I can say is you should probably study up on it further before your next venture so you can deliver what they expect.

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Hi Kendash,
Im setting up this for a friend… Im really new at sambapos as i start using it last wednesday i guess…
I never use the gift button, but it will totally make the job for now.
I was so focused on making that in an automatic way that i didnt think about the easy way.
This week i learn a lot about sambapos… Hehehe
I ll keep trying to do with that rules but now i know that i have a manual way!
Do you know what can i read to accomplished this thing?
Thanks for your help.

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Search the forum for promo or gift typically lots of stuff pops up. You may need to read through a lot of posts because often configurations may be hidden in various discussions. You can learn a lot by doing the deep dive into past discussions.

I know there are things covering this I have read them in the past but I have no magic links I would have to use search just like you would to find it.

Ok Kendash!
I will do that!
For now, the gift button works! hehe!
Thanks for your help