Promotion Buy 5 Items Get 1 Free

Hello Team,

How could we configure in Samba that, if we buy 5 item, one item should be added free to the Order ?

Anyone have done that ?

Has been discussed, I would have originally said using a order added rule event woth constraints set to the product/s on the offer with a program setting update to add to a count value action then a note order added rule to check if program setting was 5, action to gift the item and program setting reset.
However this is basic function of offer.

After working more with order states they would probably give more flexibility.
I have used product tag (not modifiers but ITEM TAG) with rules for on product add to convert these to order states on add.
That would in theory easily allow you to choose offer products via the product tag editor and also open to multiple groupings within same setup (ie offer group number and qty) where the group defines which products can be matched as part as the offer and the qty column for how many to get one free.
Some further rules would be needed to count orders with item tags:X on order added.
You could then do a select orders action constrained to select that item tag group and clear the offer state so they are not counted anymore.
This would become quite complex if you wanted to reset the state if one of the orders was canceled…

One point I am not so sure about would be how to set if products are different prices to make it so cheapest is free!

Thanks Mate

Any other experts ?

Can you help me ?

Am I not worthy :stuck_out_tongue:

You could do with providing more detail as to the offer?
Mixed products in offer or just the same in qty, if your needing cheapest product free (imagine that would be a trickier part to setup) etc

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Oh Sorry

I did not understand from your question

I need the same product

Let’s say if i buy 5 Pepsi, I need to give one Pepsi free

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Is it one a specific product only, group of products or all products

One product

If they customer buys 5 Pepsi (Same Item), I want to give 1 Pepsi

Sorry, so only on pepsi no other drinks?

Yes… No other product… only Pepsi

You could have rule for
Constraint of: Menu Item Name = Pepsi
Action - Update Order State - Name = OFFER State = Buy5Get1Free

Another ORDER ADDED rule (Sorted order to be after the other rule!)
Constraint of: Menu Item Name = Pepsi AND {ORDER STATE QUANTITY TOTAL:Buy5Get1Free} = 6
Action - Update Order Gift
Action - Select Orders with State = Buy5Get1Free
Action - Update Order State: Name = OFFER State = USED (or Blank)

Not tested, may need some tweaking but should set you in the right direction.

I have tried that… it is not working…

Because we are unable to add the same product… as gift… it will go into the loop and sambapos is exiting

Are you using action to add the 6th product for free?
I wasnt thinking add the 6th product automaticly but if you ring in a 6th it changes it to gift state…

its much simpler than that I’ve covered it before. Maybe do a search for it? I’m not in a place to explain it accurately right now.

Have just tested and seems to work for me,
I did miss out the update order - calculate price false as didnt realise the gift sequence was two actions.
See second state as USED, this happened on 7th print not sure if that means count should be 5 or my order is wront but should work.

Whenever you get a chance, please share it and it will be really helpful

I have on this forum just need to find it.

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Have a read of this might not be the 1 but its a start

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Sorry to bother you @JTRTech

Can you share the screenshot ?

It will be really helpful

Sorry, I took the rules out as was in the middle of a setup for a client when I had a play to see if my idea would work.
If I get time Ill redo it but have allot on over the next few days.

Have not read the post RickH has linked to but kendash has said there is a much easier option, you might be better seing if me can link to the post hes referring to or suggest what the title might have been like to help a search.

If I was going to loog harder and offers like buy X get 1 free I would prersonally look at making a more general setup where you can mix and match and the cheapest is set as a gift but not got time to try that.
Can picture the bulk of the config (just an extension of the one above with some ITEM TAGS for products part of the offer) but not played with select orders action enough to know a way to select the cheapest product out of the offer items.

Hi shamoulana,

We have the same case for promotion buy 5 free 1 item and etc … for any product.
We just solved problem by manual steps. Not map this requirement to rule.

What’s manual step:

  • Select a product with qty 5
  • Select the same product with qty 1
  • And select on row qty = 1 And set it to be Gift

I hope we’ve resolved problem on correct way also.