Promotion Discount x for y%


Im trying to implement a promotion discount on takeaway pizzas, this is activated via an automation command button.
To achieve this I am using the Adjust Order Prices action with the X for Y% function.
However regardless of what i set in the action it only ever applies a 50% discount (i am trying to set at 30% and yes I know y=75 is not 30% but this was just a test figure to see if anything else worked ) - where am i going wrong? Or is action not intended to be used in this way?

Before Discount

With Discount



Sell 6 with price of 5

X for y would be 2 pizza for y%


But there are 3 options as functions:
X for Y$
X for Y items
X for Y%


If you just want a fixed % off based on takeaway then use order tags


Yes those implemented for bundles not single items.


aah ok would explain why it doesn’t work with what I was trying to set up.
Will look at alternate solutions, this just seemed like a nice quick implementation, shame it defaults to 50% when it is just one item.