Promotion points for every Euro spent

I’ve read the tutorial for tracking promotions points, in my case I would like to give customers
points for every euro they spent. Can somebody give me some help on this :smile: -)

If you read the tutorial, you can do some small changes to achieve this, but upfront I will tell you that, as it is, the prootion assign 1 point for every purchase that has point to be exchanged… so instead of 1 point you shoud assign the products price… simple as that…


Hope I don’t get you wrong you mean that I have to assign point as big as the products price.
So if something costs 2 euro if give 2 points in the product editing screen, and when the price is Eur. 2,50 I give 2.5 point and so on.

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here in the forum, you can search for it, but there are examples using tags so you can know product´s price. If I recall the tag should be {PRICE}.

example: How to make Coupon Item change total to **COUPON**


Many thanks have a good day!