Promotion Points for VIP conflict

As I said, I have both Tutorials implemented, and I do not see the issue you are reporting. Or, I don’t understand what you think is going wrong.

I install new SambaPos in new PC import only this two files and i have this problem … i search, search,search, search and found nothing …

What you don’t understand ?
Tell me how to help you understand …

You say it is using VIP value for points? Or points for VIP value?

I mean, I didn’t even change any Rules in VIP, nor in Points setup, and I see nothing wrong… it appears to function properly.

Step by step screenshots… and please crop your images - I don’t need to see your entire screen resolution.

Ive not delt with this imort however looking at your screenshots I see lots of {ITEM TAG: expressions.
If you have imported a database import file Im pretty sure that wouldnt set Custom Tags for products… Have you set values for the item tags?

I have use this 2 methods

When someone is VIP and I want to give a free coffee with points the
program gets the product points for Discount …

Marios - I am using both Q’s VIP system, Happy Hour System, and Reward System in V5. I just studied your Reward Screens and they match mine besides a few Actions that should not effect your result.

I think you need to place the debugger on and check the rules fires when you change Order State. I think your issue might be there. If you still have problems I can post a copy of my Debug run.

Oh yes as Q’ says below but that too obvious…

This customer is VIP. The VIP Discount is 10 for this product. Points required to “Gift” the item is 6…

Item has been “Gifted” using 6 points…

Show your Product Tag editor, while ensuring you display items having Points and D1 (discount) values…

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<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/f/2/f27d23adf8ddb84598fb14980d7702f7b41d46eb.jpg" width=“690”
This is a copy of my ticket
Coffe Price 1.5
Points for coffee 25 !!

Go through your CD… Rules and remove the constraints involving checking for Promotion State.

Then show the flow using screenshots, just like I did above.

I realize that it didnt use the points but the discount

What i mean … the -10 is the 10% that VIP 1 has as a discount …
if i change VIP discount to 15% this is what happend

for some reason it conflicts the points with the discount

Q - this is the output from mine, his same rules are in blue.
I would look for any VIP stuff that is called by Order State Change that changes the value of the Order Discount Tag.

Hope this is helpful and not a hindrance, cheers.

PS: Black Points refresh are simply disabling the “Use Points” button after Points<Usable Value.

That Ticket tells me nothing other than the price of an Espresso.

What are the lines showing 10.00 indicating? Are you saying the customer received 10 Points for buying Espresso? Is that customer a VIP or not? It should not matter either way.

Your Tag Editor indicates that the Customer must have 25 points to receive Free Espresso.

How many points should the customer receive for purchasing an Espresso?

25 points for esspresso
10 is the discount (%) for VIP1

This is what is not clear to me. I do not see this happening. I don’t know how it is even possible.

And your screenshots are not revealing this in a clear manner, not to mention that I cannot read your language.

Show me how the Points (required/redemption) of 25 is being used as VIP1 Discount. Are you trying to tell me that the VIP1 discount is being applied at 25%? Not possible. The VIP setup has no access to the Points Product Tag. It never even tries to read that value.

Can you at least show this Rule used for your VIP Discounts:
Oops it way up there above…

Umm do not understand your “.replace” used in your Discount Price BUT this Rule should not be fired right?.. Put a Message in this rule to ensure it not fired…
Anyway have to bud out past midnight here and done 2 shifts…on samba.

These screenshots indicate the Item is in Promotion State. This should not be the case unless you used Points to Gift them. Why is that?

This is what it should look like…

Interesting his RULE: Tag Order Discount when Ungifted has “Promotion State” used. See above…
Mine does note.

Ok let me explain again …

I have a Customer which is VIP and his discount is 10%
I have a product (Esspresso) and if you want it for free you must earn 25 points

When this VIP customer gets the free product for points in the total amount the price is -10 …

This is my debug

Yes @QMcKay on those picture i have use Points and yes whean a product is eleigble for points it shows points