Promotions by Points with Portion Custom Tags?

i have a question if its possible to give every portion different points?
I read this tutorial but there is no portion setup …

Portions themselves don’t have additional fields usable for that type of setup.
Is there no pattern at all?

I didnt see, i like the setup thats the only thats wy i cant adopt atm… because a have for example 1 Pizza with three sizes and i dont want to give a free big pizza with the same points as a small pizza.

You could either create separate products for each portion size (rather than 1 product with several sizes) or as I did you could use @JTRTech loyalty points tutorial and alter it to your needs based on price of product rather than portion size.

The idea sounds quite complex.
If there were a pattern like x portion is say half the default product points you could get creative but all different would be much more complex.

So ok I did the tutorial from your video it works really well, thank you!