[?Prompt] dropdown prompt flag & values

What is anyone’s thoughts on the idea of a dropdown list option on the prompt function?

My example in mind is the room booking account that can automatically mark a room and booking entity as linked through entity changed.
Flow being;
Booking created makes a booking number entity and asks room as I already have but room is just a custom field on the booking number entity.
Would make it also automatically add the booking number entity name to a field on the room entity but given manual typing room using [?prompt] may not match entity name exactly.
If [?prompt] had a dropdown flog and values could be provided in a string I could use {ENTITY LIST EXP:(EN=Rooms)} in the list part of the flag/expression so the dropdown is propagated with room entity names which I could then use to accurately and dynamically also update the room entity with the booking number and link them.
Then using entity changed event with constraint of entity name:rooms != ‘’ to also select the booking number entity using {ENTITY DATA:Rooms:Booking Number}.

While my idea is quite specific a dropdown option with ability to fill the list using report expressions could be powerful option.
Even if a comma seperates list was posible could be useful as gives a finite input option which other actions can be based on accurately.

hipe that makes sense, not sure if I explained my situation well enough.

[?prompt] can be made to show a dropdown using the pipe character…

[?Choose a value;;ab|cd|ef|gh]


Awesome, hopefully it might except tags/scripts :slight_smile: