Prompt for options after product selection

Just wondering if this is doable. what im after is, after selecting an Item e.g. Coffee, a prompt screen with options e.g.
sizes S,M,L or No Sugar, Extra Sugar, Skim milk … is there a way to achieve this ?

Also, where do i find documentation for tickets and entities ?

Thanks in advance

You can define each product to automatically open the “modifiers” screen where you can do all of those things

When setting up a product ensure its has different portions eg small medium large etc

When viewing a list of all products in a category select the auto select checkbox next the products you want the “modifier” screen to appear for

Next set up order tags, these are the modifiers eg no sugar, extra milk etc and you can set additional prices for these if needed which can either be added to the main items price or be listed separately

Then on the pos when you select that product the “modifier” screen will appear to select the portion size and modifiers then press close when finished


Additionally you can find more info in this tutorial. Check Displaying modifier screen automatically section to display options after product selection.