[?Prompt] without keyboard/numpad


I am trying to open a prompt window in which the only button is cancel and has only one field in which card can be scanned.

Ive seen someone doing it but I cant remember where to find that post.

You can make custom keypad so guessing that is the route taken.

Yeah Ive used that in the past but I cant figure out how to make the prompt field without any keys or numpads…

Have you tried the expression with nothing in the ;; section for custom keyboard empty? Or maybe with a space between?

I haven’t seen anyone do this on forum before, intrigued where you saw it.

You mean like this? [?Scan Card;;;;]

Yeah Ive tried that. I also tried [?Scan Card;;;C;] but it still pops up with numpad.

Try put a space or something at the end in the keucode section.

I think Jesse has something a long the line of changing loyalty cards at the payment screen. Ive seen there someone had just an empty prompt field. I cant find the post though

Could you define a single key? And make it a command rather than key for number etc?

I got this with You mean like this? [?Scan Card;;;;|]

Hope fully I can make it smaller lol

Progress… Space didn’t work then?

Nah, space didnt do much. I thought | is just going to add a tiny little row though haha

Comma rather than pipe maybe?


OK, 13 is enter, what do you get if you just put 13

With this [?Scan Customer’s Card;;;;13] I get whole alphanumerical keyboard

Guess you’ll need to wait for @Jesse if you think it was him.
Other thing I can think of is maybe he triggered via script helper editvalue to call the prompt dialog.

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Yeah, possible, never thought of that. I’ll see what he has to say.

Thanks for troubleshooting this with me, appreciated :slight_smile:

Try “Cancel” (with quotes) where you have the 13.

Ooops, cancel that…that will type the word cancel into the box.

No my example had the full keyboard. You could do just numberpad though in case someone wants to type the number in if it doesn’t scan.

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