Prompting for date insert

I’m trying to figure out how to make a prompt that makes a user insert a date, a time and Name before tagging the ticket, and letting the ticket go into a reserve state.

Basically what I’m trying to achieve is… When Reserved button is pressed, 3 prompts popup that makes a user insert name, reserve date and time, which are then tagged on a ticket. After which ticket would close and entity state would change to reserved.

I’ve been able to get around a person typing name, but time and date formats what I wish to know.

How about here :wink:

Actually, here the real date picker :slight_smile:

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Thanks for those links. The date picker using JScript is awesome but probably not necessary at this stage due to amount or configuration. The one you made yourself, I’d like to play with that, but the example you gave was just for number increments. The example of date picker you made, what constraints did you use to make it like that?

I could possibly build on that to make it work. As of now I’ve just got a prompt with a normal keyboard and no special character requirement. If I can just use buttons that’s fine, but if anyone knows what syntax or constraint to use to filter input for date that would be awesome

It is loop Ask Question. Just follow instruction on that post but use this for date:

CommandValue is the value +7,+1,-1,-7 from Ask Question

Sweet thats definitely something I can work on. Thanks sukasem