Property Editor, Order state Constraints

On my ticket lister, I need to only show orders where order states = Ready & Takeaway
I have tried Ready&Takeaway [=Ready && Takeaway].
I’m sure it probably something simple but I don’t really understand all the different syntax yet



If that doesn’t work, you may need to use the Ticket Lister filters.

Ready,Takeaway works but it shows all orders that have the state ready. mains,ready dessert,ready etc.
How does the filter work?
I need one to include all takeaway orders and one to exclude all takeaway orders in restaurant

In the Order Filter, try this:

'{ORDER STATE:x}' == 'Takeaway' && '{ORDER STATE:x}' == 'Ready'

In place of the x's, you should put the Order State Group Name.

You can use OR as well…

'{ORDER STATE:x}' == 'Takeaway' || '{ORDER STATE:x}' == 'Ready'

Condition joiners: AND, &&, OR, ||
Condition operators: ==, !=, is, Matches, Contains

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Brilliant thanks its working perfect