Protect SambaCard Account with a unique pin


Hi good people.

Maybe this was answered already. I am trying to figure out how I can protect SambaCard Customer Account with a unique pin number for each customer. Is there a way I can do this by scanning a card with a barcode( the barcode is the pin for the customer account). I want each and every customer to authorize any transaction related to their account either it’s a prepayment or a sale.


Pin on top of card scan?
How are they going to enter the pin?


You can setup to add the customer entity to the ticket by swiping their card.

Remove the select customer buttons from the pos by un mapping then

Then the only way to add the customer entity to the ticket (which activates the account payment button) is if they have the card to swipe to authorise their entity to be assigned


I wouldnt remove completely. Keep the entity button but take out the entity search screen.
Otherwise it would be posible to have a ticket on an entity unpaid and open but not able to open it from POS - you have to use ticket list.
Then make an entity grid which only shows entities with open tickets.


Or manually create the add customer entity buttons using an entity screen and add the buttons to a manager menu only accessible with admin pin which is what I’ve done


I will put a barcode as their pin number on the card. So I want to use that barcode as the authorisation pin just like we do with the swipe cards.I will be using a barcode scanner to scan their cards for authorisation.

I hope it makes sense :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


So you want to select and auth with scan or just scan and prevent manual selection?
The seccond is easy, it’s less a pin and just a customer number.
The auth method which would be slower due to more steps is just as doable with automation.


Yes, that’s exactly what I want. Each and every customer has to authorize any transaction that happens on their account


It will be okay even if it’s slower since I will be doing this to selected members only not all customers. Can you help with the automation :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:


This will work for me. This is exactly what I want but instead of swipping I want to use a barcode scanner do you have time @RickH to show the automation


Swiping or using a barcode scanner are exactly the same, they just input the number i use a barcode scanner

Have a read of this tutorial it’ll tell you everything you need, it’s setup to auto apply discount but you can remove that or amend it if you don’t require discount to be added


Thanks Rick, let me read that. Thanks a lot


Thanks so much Rick, it’s now working perfectly


How do I avoid duplicate employee numbers? I just noticed that if the system creates two accounts with same employee number it won’t pick the staff account when i scan the card.


If it’s entities making it the primary field would be one way.


Thanks @JTRTech, now working.