Psychotic Surface Pro with the Food Menu?

OK I cannot explain why this is occurring:

  • Only on a Surface Pro 4
  • Only on the Default Data “Food Menu”
  • Only IF Samba is maximised (non windowed).

Watch this GIF I have cut a short snippet but I can consistently make the menu button press fail and I have no idea why? The debugger shows nothing is run (checked inactive as well).

It is like the keystroke is lost: - Watch closely the “Toasted Bagel Jam” - 3 clicks to work.

@emre this happened on LIVE testing today do you have any explanation? It does not happen on any other touch computer!!!

I can delete this whole Menu but my Computer Brain is telling me this is not good for the Surface :worried:

If I double click on the LOGO and Samba resizes to a window it WILL NOT FAIL!

The Client had no database installed locally, the SQL EXPR 2014 version sits on another workstation so Orders are fired back through DB sitting somewhere else.

Now I know many would of read that above and thought - hey it limited to something on that 1 Surface Pro, no “train smash”, right?

Well my gut was saying there much more to it - so let me explain @emre.

This fixes it:

With your great improvement of the “hover” button control with the small keyboard I feel it has introduced a processing lag.

In a local POS Wholesaler Lab in PERTH I spent the entire day testing Purpose Built POS Workstations - Chinese clones and HP thorough breds.

I had to eliminate every POS terminal that did not have a CPU higher than J2900 as there was a lag in order processing. The Lag was only about 1/2 to 1/4 sec very, very minor, but to an perfectionist not good enough.

All terminals were connected by a 5 port GB hub using Cat 5E cable.

I eventually decided on a 3 x HP machine here all using I3 Intel CPU’s:

Expensive and I may have jumped the gun as the lag on the J1900 or G series CPU may of just been this issue?

So Emre, somehow the missing keystrokes AND the Lag in Order processing AND the new small keyboard (or Quantity Method) are all related I feel.

Your thoughts?

How about Asus A4110 with Proc N3150, will it lag?
I have test Asus with Proc J1900, it lag at first klick order menu.

Lets wait to see if it is an issue first as it may have nothing to do with the CPU. Also all my DBO’s are not on the same machine when running these tests.

FYI in any case:

Look closely on your gif. On third tap do you notice the white circle appears? That is window’s visual feedback for taps. On first two that circle does not appears and I think it means it does not process it as a tap. Maybe it handles it as a stroke? I really really does not have much control on this.

Hmm watched once more closely and noticed it appears and disappears instantly. There is something weird there…

You can say that again! - Why does the problem go away when I change the keyboard to “Small”? But it does introduce the lag on “Client Computers”…

I just watched it again and notice on the 3rd attempt the button does not depress but the Order is accepted?