Purchase inventory data upload/download and revenue service

I received a request from a client: can I implement the invoice loading function in SambaPOS? It is difficult for users to enter everything manually. In our country (Georgia), we are working with electronic invoices, they are easy to download from the revenue service website, as they are sent at every purchase. Users find it unnecessary to manually enter inventory. And by the way, it would also be nice to implement uploading data from SambaPOS to our tax service - need create an xls file with the revenue service template. Our local software have this function (fina.ge - is not an ad). Because of this, when selling, I must point out that working with the Georgian revenue service is not possible via SambaPOS, although SambaPOS is more flexible in settings and does not require a permanent subscription. If you help me implement data loading/unloading for our revenue service, I can selling your product in our country more efficiently.

Export shouldnt be that hard, depending on what format they want samba has export which would probably be to csv which is excel compatible.
Would need to create a report expression to fit their format.
Alternatively they might also have an api for directly posting using script in samba.

As for inventory upload, thats a much more complex idea, issue is mixed incoming formats.
Am not a buff on samba inventory, would likly take a fair amount of custom work to ‘parse’ the invoice formats into a consistent format which is importable.
Issue with things like that is maintinance when they tweek invoice format say and the different formats from different suppliers.