Purchase items in warehouse via barcode


Is there any possibility to input items via barcode while purchasing the item in warehouse.
When you have bulk of retail products and a shipment comes so you have to enter 100 of items then barcode scanning would be really helpful to enter the items fast fast.
One more question, while purchasing items in the warehouse when we finish enter items, is there any way we can put print button before saving it?

This is really not a software issue but a Question or Request. Bar Codes are only currently supported in POS Menu Products. It has been discussed before and unfortunately decided to be left alone.

Thanks Paul.

So it means we can’t purchase items with barcode?
What about the print of purchasing screen?

Do not understand this question can you drop a image.

Short answer is No - Inventory does not support Bar Code UNLESS you build the Bar Code into the Description. For example “9123456780 Pretzels 600g” - so a search will quickly find the Inventory Item.

The downside of this technique is you have long descriptions on your reports. With some fore thought you could always use jscript to shorten the names :slight_smile:.

I already checked this tutorial about adding barcode in th beginning of the item and yeah I don’t want this because of long description.
I will put a screenshot later to explain it what I want.


Yea no other options unfortunately or @emre may have plans… You can truncate these descriptions but it will take some skill level in JSCRIPT to write your own parser to strip descriptions every time you reference the Inventory item in a report.

Well I can live with this without dealing with jscript n thing.
One more is any tutorial to setup customer screen where you can show the total amount and items to the customers?

Yes several - try the search button on forum (top right).
There are many customer display topics and tutorials useing the origional HTML to file method, there newer method which I forget what that used and the latest using the API to create a live page.