Purchasing custom reports

I just have a question about purchasing custom reports, If I do so does that include an integrated time clock that I will be able to use for my payroll.


No, it does not.

But you cannot build the Time Clock into SambaPOS without having Custom Reports because you need the Log Entity State Action, and that is only enabled with the module.

There are 3 examples of Time Clock integration here on the Forum:

  • a 3rd-party integration called TimeTrex (by @Jesse) - this does not require Custom Report module, but it is certainly helpful.
  • a SambaPOS implementation tied to Employee Entities and Users (by @Jesse)
  • a SambaPOS implementation tied to Employee Entities, but not tied to Users (by me @QMcKay)

Payroll is another question. My implementation provides for this using Custom Reports and SQL Queries. You would need to make changes to the SQL to tweak it for your pay-structure, but that would be the case with any Payroll “software”.


No the time clock was built by users the two most shared were built by myself and @QMcKay using Custom Reports and Automation inside SambaPOS. We both offer tutorials for both style of time clock. Look here:

As @QMcKay mentioned above I also shared a solution that uses TimeTrex a third party payroll software. I use this for my payroll and I use Custom Reports for simple reporting.

Time Clock is rather complex and I recommend you studying all three solutions so you can build one that fits your business need.