Purchasing items via barcode

Hello everybody

I searched all over the forum about purchasing items via barcode and i come to a conclusion that the only way to do it is the way how QMcKay did it in his post control inventory via PHP but the problem is that is for version 4 and i am running v5 so my question is:

  • How we can use php code in v5.
  • How we can put barcode field in that code.

These are the questions and actually i want build a php base purchasing system for a retail buisness that allows us to buy bulk items from our suppliers on the door even we could use a tablet with scanner for more efficient way. And this cant be done without @QMcKay help as always :blush:

I also want to add a tab in php with purchasing section where we would be able to scan a item and in result it will show us all of its information like item price, name, barcode, category and the most important thing is the supplier name. On this page we could also be able to change the price after scanning a item.

Any help would be appreciated.

I think you would be interested in this too…

The PHP Inventory System works in V5 as well as V4. I still use it.

Add to the source code of the PHP system to accommodate it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry, I will not help with this. I have too many other things on my plate right now, and Inventory Barcode (scanning) is not something I need right now. Nor does SambaPOS have proper support for Inventory Barcodes :frowning: … and V5 probably never will. Maybe V6.

In a (far) future version of QMX, I plan to add an Inventory Module for this type of thing, but it won’t happen soon.


So you just going to abandon us :sob: after all that support you gave us. Now you turning your face on us…
This is not the @Qmckay we know :hushed:
I know its a small thing for you to just add a barcode field in that code. Plzzzzzz…

I do not think saying that will help you at all honestly. He is very busy and sorry but

If that were true he would already have it done. How do you figure its easy? He basically just told you it will not be easy and its not something he plans to do any time soon.

Ok i understand i would wait but tell me exactly when v6 going to release? And is there any retail version coming? As you see in samba moslty this a created for a restaurant like portions in the products and icons. So when i install samba in a pharmacy or grocery its not a good impression on clients.
If we get a version for retail where it have only small changes like as a said portion and icons with barcode inventory system and a barcode field in product list to search by barcode.
It would be awsome… …

Likely you may never see a retail version of SambaPOS they are focused on restaurants. And no we have no idea when v6 will release all we know is the next version is being worked on.

I understand that they are more focused on restaurants but samba can work in retail businesses its just some things to change to look more professional.

Yes but they are not making a retail software.
My Ford Focus can drive round the race track but not as fast as a ferari - that doesn’t mean Ford is going to change focus to be able to challenge the ferari…

I could have sworn there was a method of putting the barcode in the inventory item name to allow ‘searching’ by barcode.


You could do that yes.

Not really anything urgent for me, but as has already been said you could include the barcode as part of the inventory item name to allow you to search it

The second part of your question is already doable, i haven’t tried to set this up as a screen but I’ve done it with an ask question, using customer product tags and a little bit of sql that Q helped. So your “Product Information” screen as I call it can already be achieved

Looks like this, have a read through the whole post to see how I did it

Here is a databse task that will do it for you. We have it set to run every time we navigate out of the Managment screen.

Update InventoryItems
Set    InventoryItems.Name = CONCAT(MenuItems.Barcode, MenuItems.Name)
		MenuItemPortions ON MenuItems.Id = MenuItemPortions.MenuItemId INNER JOIN
		MenuItemPrices ON MenuItemPortions.Id = MenuItemPrices.MenuItemPortionId JOIN
        Recipes ON MenuItemPrices.MenuItemPortionId = Recipes.Portion_Id INNER JOIN
        RecipeItems ON Recipes.Id = RecipeItems.RecipeId INNER JOIN
        InventoryItems ON RecipeItems.InventoryItem_Id = InventoryItems.Id
WHERE  InventoryItems.Name NOT LIKE '%'+MenuItems.Barcode+'%'
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To be able to integrate this into PHP Inventory, or anything else for that matter, we need to decide on a “standard” format that everyone agrees on and uses. For example, I would not want my Inventory Items named in this way:

3920593849Coca Cola

I would prefer something like:

Coca Cola BC[3920593849]
Coca Cola [3920593849]
Coca Cola !3920593849!
Coca Cola ~3920593849~
Coca Cola /3920593849/
Coca Cola |3920593849|

That ^ allows for:

  • listing/sorting Inventory Items alphabetically by Item Name (which to me is more natural than being sorted according to some “meaningless” number)
  • easy parsing and splitting the Item Name from the Barcode

I done it this way because we use Sambapos for the inventory and when adding Purchases in Sambapos with Barcode scanner the barcode needs to be first.

Originally I had Eg. 3920593849 - Coca Cola but then it got hard to report inventory with the - in some items.

If the inventory side of Samba had a wildcard search feature( which is badly needed) then I would put it this way which reads alot better.

Coca Cola - 3920593849