Q: Print map on ticket?

Following emre’s excellent tutorial i had an idea …
How hard would it be to print the map on the bottom of ticket in order to help delivery with the route ?

Think you’ll struggle if your using thermal epos printer, not tried but to test posible output you could try a print screen and print that using bmp template tag but is it is epos printer I can’t imagine a 80mm b&w print will offer much assistance to the deliverer.
Printing with a normal a4 printer would likely offer more helpful image.
That is to say if you can work out a way to capture the map.
I would expect options for this are likely to be limited.
A third part app might let to screen grab a section of the screen, but this would need to be triggered somehow within samba, maybe with a bat/script file to trigger a screen/window grab.
If the app will automatically save to bmp file you could then put this into your template but would check the output from your printer before trying too much to ensure the result will be of any use.

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In todays world just about every smartphone has some GPS directions capability and all of them can pull up google maps. If I were a driver I would prefer that vs some poorly printed small map.

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Hi, i mentioned it because i have seen it and it was helpfull not all the map just the route, but on the other hand we have our GPS’s, more useful.
Thank you all for the answers …


If they did have smartphones I would agree with kendash and if I were looking to work something out along these lines emailing a delivery details email would be preferred to me.
I would imagine there is a was to generate a url for the route which if a smart phone they could in theory just click the link to open google maps app and start navigation, wouldn’t even need to put in the address.

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@JTRTech very good idea , we must find a way to send coordinates or link to smartphone …

Great !!! Time for creation :smile:

You can use a service for sending sms messages and have it send a link via SMS. This can be done with a custom printer. I will give a link let me find it…


That is really old and was written with version 3 but it should still work and we can maybe improve on it with v5 if more people show interest.

PS: There are free services out there but I do not recommend them they typically cause spam and various other headaches that you would not want.

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Version 5 has powerful scripting that could be used to automatically integrate with google maps and generate the text etc all automated based on customer address.


Unfortunately at this point i can’t afford the cost for V5 maybe at later time …
So i’m trying with V4 only …

I see that a lot and it surprises me considering how much money and efficiency a really good POS makes. I have always prioritized a budget for good POS setup and it has saved me a tremendous amount of money. I was expecting to spend well over $1000 a year on a good POS solution until I found SambaPOS.

I know this doesnt really relate to your situation but I find it odd that people think $99 is a lot for such an integral part of a well ran restaurant business in todays fast paced world.

PS: I did not mean that as insult nor was I questioning your decision I do not know your situation I just thought I would share my mindset on the importance of good POS in a restaurant environment. V4 is awesome so I am not trying to sell v5 on to you.

I love to see people support Emre with v5 purchase because that means the software that is driving my business will only get better.


No NO you misunderstand I never said that is expensive, my opinion is that software is very cheap for what it gives you …
I said that i can’t afford it right now …

I want to buy V5 like crazy but in a later time … and is not excuse i just don’t have enough money now … sorry but it’s the truth

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No worries I figured as much. I just thought I would share my opinion. Yeah SambaPOS is really awesome I agree.

BTW just in case you did not realize but v5 does have unrestricted 500 ticket trial so you can try it on a test machine for free.

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I think just generate the Google Maps URL via a script or same way as done in other tutorials for Google Maps integration with SambaPOS, then just email it to the smartphone, since that’s free.

Or you could look at using a third party service that sends some sort of notification to the phone when some text is sent to a URL. I can’t recommend any because I am just thinking aloud, but there is bound to be many such service online and I’m sure some will be free.

SMS is a great idea, however you will end up having to pay for each SMS sent using an online service (like Kendash says, there are free services, but because they are free they are also tend to be unreliable).

If you do want to go down the SMS route, I would recommend you look at https://www.twilio.com/ as they offer a very flexible API.

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Another idea which should be fairly simple.
Once you have your URL put it into a QR code, then delivery driver scans the QR code on the delivery slip to get the route :wink:

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