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It is not an option in QMX.

So both POS 1 and 2 are broken, but in different ways. working on it.

There is no such thing as grouping in GraphQL, so no. That is an advanced feature of SambaPOS.


Fair doos, i setup using states and used order state updated to apply so states are still there so can still make prints group so not biggie.


Best raise an issue for that!


Payment types dont follow mapping rules.
I have room post as a payment type but needs to be done via automation command to trigger my PMS int flow so disabled on payment screen using mapping to admin, QMXuser has its own role so in theory shouldnt see this.


Please take these discussions to the QMX Forum, and tag them as Issues.


Done. Couple of other questions coming.


QMX 1.2.1 released (2018-04-01)

For details see the release announcement, or for a summary see the first post.


Entity Screen Custom Layout PoC

Testing Proof of Concept for Entity Screen Custom Layout, such as a Table map.

:warning: NOTE: this feature is not yet available




Is that using what samba has set or are you creating own layout in HTML?


The position and size data is pulled from SambaPOS, and rendered in QMX using CSS/HTML.


Testing Angle/Rotation and Border Radius …

Notice the “circle” tables and the rotated table.



@eddhasaj :wink:


Your skills never cease to amaze Q.


Will QMX support a background graphic? If the tables are lined up against the background graphic in SambaPOS, they would also need to line up the same in QMX.


Nothing like a challenge, make sure the background image is set to ‘fill/stretch’… wouldnt want blank spaces on the edges :stuck_out_tongue:


Scaling on small devices doesn’t make sense because things become too small to be usable. So for small Devices, we can either switch to Grid view mode, or NOT do scaling AT ALL. My vote is to NOT scale, do NOT switch to Grid view, and have the Table Map available on ANY size Device. Check it out …



Yes, you can see Demo in the discussion on the QMX Forum.

I am pretty much done with implementation, so I am looking for any feedback in possible changes before I do a release. @eddhasaj


Anyone using <img>pathToImage</img> in a Custom Entity Screen Entity Button Widget? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

<img>D:/Programs/POS/images/categories/hhbuild01.jpg</img><br/><bold>{ENTITY NAME}</bold>




Hey Q,

I love it. I will download QMX and give it a try. The way we have it setup right now is to show the waitress names on the entity buttons. Its a really good selling feature but not a requirement.


@eddhasaj, the Entity Screen Custom Layout (Table map) is not yet released. I will let you know when it is ready for download.

Going to eat my words here… I tried some scaling experiments on a 5" device, and 50% scaling actually looks great, and is completely usable. In fact, when not scaled down, it is more difficult to use because too much scrolling is required.

So now there are more configurable parameters for scaling so that you can control when to scale and when not to scale, as well as how much to scale …



@eddhasaj, I assume that is set by the Entity Button Widget Caption. Show the configuration for that, and I will see if I can support that.