Qr code on bill image vs tag

Hi Everyone.

My aim is a QR code printed for each meal item on the customer’s bill. or alternatively, a separate customer bill with just the QR codes for the items ordered.

I’ve asked this before and been suggested to use a custom product Tag plus the print tag.

this seems like the best and least processor-intensive solution.

could someone explain to me how the number is formulated? or point me in the right direction to research this. I want to be able to recreate a code I produce from an online generator or copy the code produced by sambapos for external printing to keep them unique.

finally, I have the option to generate a ton of unique codes online and then call them up in the printer template via the tag but I assume this would be fairly slow?

Thanks in advance for any help. on the edge of my understanding so keen to learn! :slight_smile:

1. Create Product Tag Caption named QR
Main Menu > Program Settings > General Settings > Product Tag Captions

2. Fill out the fields under QR with their unique numbers
Main Menu > Products > Product Tag Editor

3. Add {ITEM TAG:QR} under the [ORDERS] section of your Printer Template
Main Menu > Printing > Printer Templates

Note: QR codes may not print if you are using HTML for your Printer Template so you’ll have to use ESC/POS. I experienced issue in the past but not sure if it’s still the case, but you can test it and let me know.

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In answer to your question about generating.
Samba does not generate the code itself, you need to provide something to convert to barcode or qr.
Barcode is limited to simple strings, usually numbers.
Qr codes can be more complex but thing samba supports simpler versions of qr.
Both are g
Just a graphical version of data which can be scanned/photographed and converted back to data.

Samba doesn’t produst unique codes per product.
Normal use case on products is barcode for scanning when ringing in where you would scan in existing barcode from product.

You system of allocating codes to products would need to be chosen by you.

Either way samba would store the digital code version of the code then in template you use the BAR tag followed by the print merge tag for that data.
When printed samba renders the graphical version of that code. It shouldn’t be too inencive and speed would depend more of printers ability to output the graphical barcode.

Would be easier to make sugestions if know your use case.

Thanks so much for your help guys.

So after a week or two learning more about QR codes then I would ever reasonably want to know I have discovered a few things that may be of help to others also:

originally I wanted to know what system Sambapos uses to encode the QR code so that if I make the images myself, they are identical. I now know this to be the same one employed by this website:
using this site will result in visually identical codes (assuming you use the same Error check level)

I decided to use the Dish name as the source alphanumeric string to create the QR code negating the need for a separate product tag. but it does mean any change will result in a new QR (even capitalisation of one letter)

i’m now looking to change the code to a Unique URL for each dish on my menu, so will reemploy the Tag approach suggested above.

for anyone interested, here is my use case:
customer: health restaurant with nutrient macros recorded for each dish
bill prints with QR code for each item.
Nutrient details uploaded to calorie counting App database (myfitnesspal) and unique QR listed
when a customer orders food they can scan their bill to have their meal auto-added to their daily log of calorie and nutrient records.
they also sell make at home ready meals so they needed unique QR codes on their packaging (hence needing to know the format) so people could also scan those.

I now plan to load one web page for each item with nutrient details and dish information which will be linked by the QR code. this means if the user scans with their photo app it will take to a web page for information but if they scan with the App it will just log the details (ignoring the web link)

the whole process is very buggy right now but working, will iron out the kinks and share progress.

Also looking for a way to list Nutrient information on the Bill for each item. any ideas what the best way to achieve this would be? another Product Tag?

Thanks again for all the help!

I guessed that was what you were doing.

Saw this the other day when looking at ideas for general tickrt templates;

Something like this could be achieved with product tags.

Either way, I would be cautious of order tags (“modifiers”) these don’t have the same level of custom tagging as orders so complex order tag setups effecting nutrition will probably need to be avoided.

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Wow something like this would be really cool, it starts to approach the look of a standard nutritional label on the customers bill especially as it applies in bill calculations and even percentages of daily intake. thanks for the inspiration!

looks like ill be stuck on this one for a bit longer!

is it possible also to create tables and boxes like this with Sambapos Print Format?

You would need to use html or document printer for that type of thing.
A layout like that you would need to also for more granular text size and layout control.