QR Code Printing for Lucky Draw Voucher

Dear All,
Could you please guide me how we can encrypt QR code in printer template?
Now, i can print QR code stored with URL address,Ticket No and Ticket Total.
This printer template will print automatically if Ticket Total is over some value.
It is working as i expected. But only one thing is: I want to encrypt QR code for validity check.
Is it possible?
How to write codes in Printer Template?
Please, let me know.
I attached my sample template and printing.
MD Hasan


You could look to use a script?
You would use the {CALL: function to call the script inputting the ticket number and total, the scripts would process the values and return your ‘encripted’ code which would be used to generate the barcode.

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Dear JTRTech,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Is it possible to use code with Call:X function?
Could you please share very basic sample?
MD Hasan

Use code?
You would put something like {CALL:luckyDraw.generate({TICKET NUMBER},{TICKET TOTAL})}
in the template, then the script will take the input variables passed when generating print, use them in whatever hash/encrypt you want and then it will print barcode using the value returned from the script.