Quantity buttons that hover over Order Tags area of screen

Hi There,

I have downloaded the “Italian Restaurant” Pre-built database and just playing around with it to understand how I can build a workflow that suits our restaurant.

I can’t seem to figure out how the “Quantity” altering buttons at the top of the screen are achieved. This feature is also in many other implementations I have seen in the forums. I assumed it would be order tags or Automation Command buttons but I have failed in miserably figuring this out. Searching the forum hasn’t been fruitful either as I might be searching for the wrong term.

Could someone please put me in the right direction. Appreciate all the help. Thanks in advance.


Read this and select “small” instead of not used and you will then get the smaller numbers at the top of the screen and the keypad at the bottom right will be removed

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@satianv, please provide a screenshot indicating the “quantity altering buttons at the top of the screen” that you are referring to.

Thanks Rick. Spot on. Feel like an idiot for not knowing that :grinning:

Thanks … Got it sorted with Ricks response. So much to play with in Sambapos :grinning:

No probs, glad i could point you in the right direction :slight_smile: