Question about Fast Payment

@emre hi emre im following your guide about fast payment button Configuring fast payment buttons… and its working great

but the problem when there is some order highlight and im press the automatic command, it’ll only printing the selected order only.
the other order will vanished… and the entity state turn to available…

When some order selected (highlighted)

when i pressed the automatic button the result

any suggestion?

Which rule are you using to execute the Print Job action? You probably need to put the Execute Print Job action in a Payment Processed rule with a Custom Constraint of Remaining Balance Equals 0

It is my guess that your print job is inside the same automation command button rule.

The other orders did not vanish. The button paid for those orders your print job is printing only selected order. Were you expecting it to pay for all orders or just the selected?

@Jesse this is what I was taking about in split payment topic. It is default behavior of SambaPOS of when order was selected.

@kckterbang why you select (highlight) some order if you want to print whole bill just don’t select anything.

You may have wrong configuration. It change entity state to available before the whole ticket paid for.

@sukasem if hes using fast payment button it pays the entire order when pressed it wont pay for single item. But his ticket is printing the selected item more than likely because his Execute Print Job is attached to the Automation Command Button for his fast payment.

You cant select single orders from a ticket and press your Fast Payment button it does not work that way in Version 4. You can do this with Version 5 I just posted a tutorial on how to do it in a private area once the next version is released, 5.1.50, I will release that tutorial. With a few modifications to my tutorial you could easily set it up to work with fast payments.


Try enabling clear selection setting for related command button.

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im exactly following @emre tutorial…

this is my action

automatic command


i want when im press fast payment it’ll print whole order no matter there’s some order highlight or no.
is it possible?
tried enable clear selection in newer ver but the result is same

or maybe how to disable the fast payment button when some order highlighted?

Add constraint {SELECTED ORDERS} Is Null to fast payment rule to prevent fast payment if order selected

Clear selection should work. We need to confirm its not because that’s a bug if it’s not.

@Jesse sorry I think I misunderstood the issue. Clear selection setting works after executing action. V5 have Ignore Selected Orders setting for execute print job action but I don’t remember if it exists for V4 too.

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Hmm maybe it was me not understanding it then. I use fast payments but i have never ran into this issue.

i figure it out guys… what i need is when i press fast payment button while there is some order highlighted it’ll print all order to ticket
But i cant figure it out… so i just change the visibility to ticket.
All of rule/action excatly same with emre tutorial

And This is what i got

well in the future there will be no human errors (our staff) when customer want to pay the bill while some order is highlighted.

Thanks @Jesse @emre @sukasem now its working great

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