Question about version 4

i am having samba version 4 but am worried it might stop working after making some total number of tickets.
kindly let me know if it is completely free forever

V4 is free forever however this is no longer supported. It should not be used for new installs, it was not updated since 2014 and never will receive any updates. V4 is also not available for download via any official link.

V5 should be used for all new setups and is the current supported version. It has huge number of new functionality and all new features and integrations only will support V5. You will get limited support for V4 via the forum.

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We do not have any free versions anymore. If you have a copy of v4 that’s great but we no longer support it so no bugs or security issues that may come up with the use of v4 will be fixed or supported.