Question about Website integration

Hey Emre, I’m a web designer in London and there isn’t a POS that allows getting orders from a website for takeaways… Most of the POS systems offer you a website for a ridiculous price or even worse for a commission from each order.
Let me know if there’s a possibility of connnecting to a remote mysql server regularly and checking if there are new orders…
I’m good with php and mysql but don’t have the time to invest into learning the language and writing a special script for sambapos

Thanks a lot

There is possibility of this working we have discussed it before. However you should know that SambaPOS does not use MySQL it uses Microsoft SQL. I am going to move this to a Request thread and we can further discuss it there.

We have access to a growing SambaPOS API and hopefully we can discuss ways to enable two way communication through this API.

Here is resources about the SambaPOS API.

We would love to see further discussion about this so feel free to offer any ideas.

This could be a problem. If your asking for a turn key solution I am afraid this will probably not happen for quite some time if ever. SambaPOS is designed to allow people to customize it to their specific needs so this means often that simple turnkey solutions are usually not offered right out of the box or need to be developed by community and offered via tutorial.

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SambaPOS scripts uses simple JScript its not a specific language. Being a web developer with PHP background means you are well versed in JavaScript so it will be simple for you.