Question Displayed when Barcode Scanned is not Found

I am working on getting SambaPOS up and running in our Deli store but have found 1 small issue. When a clerk scans something and the barcode is not found in the system, Samba does not react in anyway, it just acts as if nothing was scanned. Now, knowing our clerks, they will stand there and scan an item 10 times (not an exaggeration) before deciding it is not in the system, and moving on. Is there a way to have a message displayed saying Item not found so it can be logged and a manager can enter it, when this happens? I know you can assign an action when Number pad value is Null, but its technically not null, in this instance. Thanks.

You would have to loop A constraint to match all products and if no match display show msg. That would use a lot of resources and not be practical.

There isnt barcode in any report expressions is there? That might have been a way to reduce the need for a loop.
An SQL query would probably be a simpler way of checking a barcode exists;

  FROM [MenuItems]
  WHERE [Barcode] = 'barcode'

Maybe report sql details expression on numberpad entered rule inputting entered value into expression with constraint is null maybe?

Ok, definitely sounds like a lot more work than its worth, I know I don’t want to set up a loop for 2,000 items. so I will set this project on the back burner and see how it goes. As long as they understand that if it does not come up after 1 or 2 scans, it’s not in the system, all should be well.

The SQL query should work pretty quick, it just checks database directly for the barcode.

if you still need it ;