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Hi Team, I’ve downloaded v5 and installed it on my home PC for evaluation, looks good so far. I just wanted to check on a couple of features.
1 - When a sale is being paid for by credit card or debit card can the amount be sent to a stand alone EFTPOS terminal?
2 - I’m assuming that if I set up a menu item e.g. Eggs on toast, I can program a pop up question that asks Poached, Scrambled of Fried?
3 - My cafe is 7 days so can a new work period be automatically created each morning?
4 - Is it possible to integrate an RFID reader so a customer can just scan a token for the loyalty scheme?



  1. No not just any machine, pic etc limits options for integrations but there are options available depending on country.
    2.order tags for that, or you can do a popup but order tags easy to start with at least.
  2. Not used myself but there is virtual periods option. Personally prefer a point in time to cash up to and print report etc so there is interaction and clearly defined points but yes, there is an option.
    4.most RFID devices are seen by computers as keyboards/hid devices. Samba says the number or whatever is on them.
    I use cheap 125mhz rfid readers no problem for both staff login and customer loyalty discounts.

Awesome, thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile:
I’m in New Zealand and it seems to be a standard feature to send the sale data to a terminal. I have a Verifone VX-520C terminal. I just wanted to confirm that Sambapos can send the data.


There are options but generally its provider dependent as they have different firmware on them. Also different countries having slightly different security restrictions
If your terminal supported it you would likely find talking to it is easier than listening back from it as communications are less straight forward that APIs etc where response is to your request it’s a more back and forth type situation typically requiring more development than users/samba diyers can handle.
More investigation would be required if card machine integration was a requirement on your choice.

HI There is a developer on the forum that has done the integration for v3. He has done it for NZ. I’ll See if I can get some details for him and pass it on if that help.

PS He had it done for V3 not V5.

Awesome, thanks. :+1::+1::+1:

Hey @Muzzargh get in touch with @VehbiEmiroglu I can not tell you a time frame but they are actively integrating various payment processing into the system. We completed the first USA integration and I have already installed it in a few clients systems as well as my own restaurant. You should at least inquire with them. Actually I kind of just did with mentioning him.

Vehbi have you had any plans for New Zealand integrations?

@Muzzargh please note v3 is over 6 years old and is no longer available through official channels. You will not get any support via this forum for using v3.


Mark just sent you a text :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m gunning for V5 :grinning:

Noob question, but how do I “get in touch with @VehbiEmiroglu”? :grinning:

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You just did. Now just wait for him.

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Hey @Muzzargh you touched me :slight_smile: Yes we are still interesting with credit card processors. Can you give me more information about this. (via PM)