Question: Is it SambaPOS capable of manage card payments in México?

Hi guys! I’m interested in upgrading from SambaPOS V4 to V5 for some features like inventory tracking, profit from recipes and more but I would like to know if its possible in my country (México) to receive payments through this POS by credit/debit card. In case not, are there other limitations for my country using this software?

Thanks in advance and excuse my imperfect english😁

We are hoping to support Mexico soon but right now we do not offer integrated credit card payments in Mexico.

We have a way to offer them and when we are ready we will notify you if you like. We just need more time. Hopefully next year we can offer payments there.

Ok, that’s great.

Do you have any idea about what trimester will be available? I like the software but I want to have all payments integrated in the same system for better visualization.

And of course I will be pleased if you notify me about this.