Question on rule sort order

With rules I noticed you can sort them and if I remember right the way you sort them is the way they are fired. So if you need one to fire before another you just drag it in the list. My question is would it be a best practice to name rules with numbers in front? Not the entire list 1- whatever but every group of rules. So like


This way things are more logical when your looking at how they are fired and applied. Right now most of the stuff I’m seeing gets confusing cause it’s the same name or different names and allot of the time it’s hard to tell what needs to happen first for something. Just and idea and curious what others think?

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It won’t matter really. It will sort them how you manually tell it to.

Sort order only really matters for rules based on the same event which usually are part of different flows or setups anyway. For example before ticket closing and ticket closing. Even if you fort the latter to first rule it still wouldn’t fire before the before ticket closed event