Question: PAID and will not automatically closed the ticket

Good Day Sir,

It is possible that i can create a transaction that will not closed automatically even all of the product of that transaction is already Paid? i want to close it if i have a button to close it so any time that i want i can closed it and that button when implement only if all of that product of that specific transaction is already paid…

it is possible sir? i hope so… any idea can share a tutorial please? Thank you God Bless

Can I ask why?
The close ticket action will be in the payment processed rule I imagine.
But before you try it is normally advised to avoid editing the default rules as can mess up other things.

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Hello @ralph,

When a ticket is paid in full from the Payment Screen it will close the ticket automatically that is how it’s designed. Can you explain your business flow with what you want? I mean if you can explain why you need this functionality we might be able to understand better and provide some options.

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Hi Ralph, I’m also surprised with your question.
What is the need to keep a ticket open if it is already paid.
In the Kitchen display setup we had a similar question For Take Away items:
Customer Order, Pay and waiting for delivery.
So yes, the order is removed from the register.
But in the Kitchen Display the order is still on the screen until confirmed delivered.
Is this maybe were you are asking for?


Good Day sir, the work flow is almost the same at @Peter_Cijsouw

customer order, Fully Paid and waiting until the product will ready to pick up
but it takes time or days

it takes time if the order product is good for this day
it takes day if the order product is reserved for the next day

i’m thinking if it is possible that it will not closed the ticket even it’s already fully paid it will not disappear at table list or ticket list. So i can check it same at my other transaction who are pay partially or not fully paid…

hehehe i don’t have delivery but the work flow almost the same at @peter
for my business it is only waiting until the item will PICK UP by the customer

#sorry for the late reply

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there is kitchen display? how? do you have tutorial sir? i want to try it… for it is ticket list and table… to check the order

You shouldnt keep tickets open. You should tag them for waiting and can easily reopen them. What you need is a system to put orders on hold even if fully paid. So can you explain when a order might be put on hold? The one for same day is it call in order where they come and pick up… the one that takes days is that a call ahead preorder?

PS. If you leave open tickets then you will not be able to close work period.

Ticket Tags work great, so do States. You could create a holding State and it can be set to update Table or entity color.

Information on States:

Hi Ralph,
I’m also a new-bee, but SambaPos is very flexible to do thinks,
You could add an extra Terminal or Display like Deliveries, Paid or Not Paid like the waiter screen and once delivered you clear the data.
This is just my idea, but I think easy to implement with 1 more computer or RDP Tablet.
And yes if the order is paid. (Just Settle the amount) it means that the Ticket/Bill is print already, the work period can be closed, and possible there is an option were you have your delivery amount $$ separate from your sales account
The client pays upon collection or delivery.