Question regarding Work Period Report - Sales

Hi Guys,

Just wondering about Sales Report under Work period report. A table haven’t settled their bill and Sales Report shows it as a sale, is that the way it should be?

I was under the impression that Sales Report should show sales when Payment have been made.

Can you guys point me to the proper Report for total Sales with payment made if that’s not the case?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Payment total would be shown in the payment table on the report.
Also if you look down to ticket details you should see tickets by state which will show paid and unpaid sales totals.
An unpaid ticket is still a sale, its just not been paid yet, that is fairly standard reporting.


You won’t get correct work period until the work period is closed. You can’t close work period until all tickets settled.

If you look at live data yes it would show as sales. This is true for restaurant. Retail you wouldn’t have unpaid tickets.

A sale is a sale it does not matter if you collect payment or not. But once work period is closed that would all reconcile.