Questions about sub menu and would someone like to set one up for me


Firstly really love the software, my programming of it not so much!

I’ve read the tutorial about creating a “sub menu” (like adding a sauce to a product". However, when I do it it does not flow seamlessly. For example (let’s say its for a burger), I click on the burger, it does not take me to a new button to select the sauce, I have to click on the product again (on the left where the list of items in the transaction are listed) and then the options come up. Is it possible to have it where you click on the burger button and it automatically goes to a new screen with buttons for the sauces?

Also, is there anyone out there who would be prepared to set the system up for me? It is a relatively simple menu and I would be prepared to pay?

Management > Products > Menu List > Menu

Select a Menu Category, Click Edit Product Properties

For any Item you wish to have modifiers (portions and order tags) displayed automatically, check the box for Auto Select.

Sub Menus are not Modifiers (Order Tags). Modifiers (i.e. sauce, cheese type etc) are called Order Tags in SambaPOS, and they are located here:

Management > Tickets > Order Tags

Create your modifiers there, then choose the mappings. Map Order Tags to Product Groups or individual Products.

You’ll eventually get the hang of it. Play with it more. SambaPOS is wonderfully programmed and is extremely flexible and powerful.

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